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Leila is a sexually charged woman who lives to have sex with different men. She learns that her parents are getting a divorce and is troubled by their decision. One night at a house party she meets David, a man who is similar to her in many respects, and develops a sexual relationship with him. They later become inseparable, having intimate sex everywhere – in bed, at the park, on the roof etc. For them, sex is a form of communication. However, things get complicated when David becomes possessive while Leila is happily unattached.

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Country: Canada

Language: English | Spanish

Release Date: 3 March 2006 (Spain) 

Also Known As: Agapise me 

Filming Locations: Bloor St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada  »



Leila: Down on my knees for the very first time I remember there was all this hair in my mouth. I didn’t think that was what it would feel like and the guy kept forcing himself in my face saying “please, please, please.” He sounded like a little girl… I didn’t know if I was supposed to close my eyes or keep them open, but it all just happened so quick. There was this flash. I looked up and I saw his head reeling and I knew he was happy because he kept saying my name. “Leila, Leila, Leila.” His hand got lack on the back of my head and you know what I did? I got off of my knees and ran. That was what I thought to do. I kept running and running and running. I raced so fast that what happened made my heart burn. My heart hurt… as if I had just twisted a muscle.


David: I can’t stop thinking about you. All day. All night. All I do is think about you, it’s all I have left

[David takes Leila from behind, Leila gasps as they have sex]

David: Answer me. Tell me – tell me you feel the same way I do. Tell me you’re never gonna leave me, promise me.

Leila: Never. Ever.

David: Promise me you’re never gonna leave me.

Leila: Never.

David: Promise me.

Leila: Sure.

[they finish having sex, David lies down and rests his head on her back]

David: [weeps quietly; whispers:] I love you.



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